This a free 60 minute phone call to find out where you are at right now, what is working and not working for you, what your hopes, dreams, and goals are, build out a personalized experience for YOU, and to see if you are a good fit for my program. Click the button below to complete the application. I'm be in touch to schedule the call.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Get coached to support your well-being and quality of life and achieve your long-term health so you can FEEL good and be an integral part of your growing family. Never feel left behind, overwhelmed, confused, or alone again.


  • One 45-60 minute phone call for us to deep dive into your story, your medical history, and your goals in a safe and non-overwhelming environment. 
  • Weekly (or bi-weekly) 25 minute coaching calls to provide the support and accountability you need to achieve your goals
  • Access to Soul Grateful’s health portal via desktop AND app for your phone to review the plan we create together, log your food intake (if desired) and monitor your progress, successes, and challenges so you NEVER have to feel alone or overwhelmed in this journey
  • Your food logs are monitored weekly by me, including comments as well as personalized macronutrient and micronutrient goals (when applicable)
  • HIGHLY individualized recommendations so that you can have a clear idea of your starting point and direction for how to achieve your health goals
  • Creation of detailed and specific goals + follow up on goal progress to be sure you actually ACHIEVE your goals, rather than just writing them out on paper
  • Professional supplement recommendations (including special discounts from a professional-grade supplement companies++) 
  • Highly motivational coaching on health concerns and mindset, including mindfulness training and education when applicable/desired
  • Unlimited community support and access to all shared resources with all of the other coaching clients


Additional Benefits to Clients who have reached success

see HAPPY reviews here

Longevity Membership

This monthly membership gives you continued access to my health platform, the community, and me! 

  • Continued access to your logs, nutrient goals, our notes and your progress and successes
  •  Weekly food log reviews, comments, and support
  • Unlimited questions or concerns you send to me in our shared platform
  • Continued discount of 25% off of professional-grade supplements as needed.
  • 1 coaching check-in per month

No NEW recommendations can be given if I am not actively seeing you as a client

Nutrigenomics Consult

Want personalized nutrition counseling based on your DNA? I will review your raw data SNPs and give you nutrition and supplement recommendations at no cost to my existing clients.

This offer is available to clients who do not want to purchase a package as well. Contact me to learn more. 

Professional Supplement Discounts

All of my clients receive 25% off of professional grade supplements. 

Meal Planning Services

I have partnered with a meal planning service to make healthy eating easier at home. I offer help customizing the meal plan as a part of my 5 and 7 visit packages for those clients who choose to sign up for meal planning services.