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"Working with Ashley was the best decision I’ve ever made solely for myself. It was time to take care of me and my health and focus on my why! After every meeting with Ashley, I left feeling empowered and encouraged. Ashley does a wonderful job of making sure her space is safe and judgement free. I have such a better understanding of the things I can be doing to improve my everyday life, and in turn protecting my future self! I’m sure that working with any dietitian is helpful, but working with Ashley is not just working with any dietitian. You’re working with someone who truly and genuinely cares about you. She is someone who wants to see you succeed and wants to help you when things get tough! She’s there to answer any questions you have along the way. She gives you all the resources you need. I now not only have a toolbox full of the correct tools, but also the knowledge on how to use them. When working with Ashley, you have someone in your corner, who understands the struggle and will help you persevere. That to me, is something that is absolutely priceless. I will say it again...Working with Ashley was the best decision I’ve ever made solely for myself."

Janel came for macros and received so much more

Carrie transformed her mindset

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Booster T

Ashley not only cares about your nutrition, she cares about you personally and walks you through the "why" we make the choices we do. She give life changing advice and the best conversations regarding changing my thoughts on food! I highly recommend this experience!

Brittany K

I want to express my complete gratitude for Ashley‘s business. I have had an incredible journey working with her and I’m still continuing to use her program for a monthly accountability. I want to take this time to share a little bit about my experience. When I came to Ashley I had already done a lot of emotional, health and exercise evolving. We used my genetic data to articulate things that I could change not only my eating habits but also my nutritional supplementation regimen. The journey towards better health is never a straight line and Ashley has shown me to lean in to some of my uncomfortability. I am on my way to finding my true goals and my health and define who I am in my own life and my relationship with food and health. Thank you Ashley so much for being a support during this process.


I reached out to Ashley this summer as I was frustrated with where I was at in my weight.  I felt like the work I was putting in at the gym along with my fairly clean/Paleo diet should be showing more results.   I felt good physically but mentally I didn’t.  My first visit with Ashley was a lot different then what I expected.  We did not talk about foods rather my life goals and what was important to me.  We also talked about the words I use and feelings I had when being frustrated where I was at.  Although things did not click for me in that hour she sure had me thinking when I left for days on how hard I am on myself.   The words I learned to take out of my vocabulary when talking about food choices had an amazing impact.  I was still a bit skeptical but then began to realize I stopped using those words she suggested and felt SO much better, who would think that would have such an impact! I also started thinking more often on what, who and why my longevity goals are what they are.  She then encouraged me try the fast.  I definitely had doubt in myself but it turned out to be amazing and I’m looking forward to a monthly fast.   I just realized that since July of this year I lost 17 pounds which was a surprise.  I was so focused on what I wanted the number to get to on the scale then what it was when I started.   My focus is now on health and wellness and a nutritional diet.  If I do that the rest will fall into place.  If I choose to have something outside of my typical diet, it’s ok. It’s a decision and I don’t have anything to feel guilty about.  Often times I then don’t even want my trigger food.  Ashley made it very easy to be 100% honest with her and I knew that was important for me to change my mentality and health goals.  Letting go of the guilt and judgement on myself is amazing!

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